Developing Resiliency


Resiliency is the ability to quickly recover from adversity. People with strong resiliency:
  • Continue toward goals in the face of difficulty and adversity
  • Handle criticism and rejection from others with objectivity
  • Recover quickly from personal setbacks
  • Move past unforeseen obstacles without unnecessary delay

Resiliency isn’t something we just have. There are three specific skills that are required to attain a high level of resiliency. They are initiative, persistence and handling rejection.

Developing Resiliency is an ideal self-directed learning module for anyone feeling a lack of initiatve or difficulty being persistent toward your work or goals or having difficulty handling rejection. It is very appropriate for anyone facing difficult times of any kind.

What’s included:
  • A personal development plan to guide you through resiliency development activities
  • An online animated presentation of the three critical skills related to resiliency
  • Downloadable MP3 audio recordings of each critical skill lesson (ideal for listening to while walking or exercising)
  • Three skill development workbook lessons covering initiative, persistence and handling rejection. Each lesson includes insightful information and simple practice activites:
    1. Why each skill is important
    2. What skills are associated with initiative, persistence and handling rejection
    3. Activities to strengthen each skill

Developing Resiliency Self-Study Program
Only $14.95