Success Discoveries for Effective Networking™


Fast Start Program for Effective Job Search Networking

Success Discoveries for Effective Networking™ is offered as a narrowly defined coaching package to help anyone wanting to create a strategy to expand their personal and professional network with a focus on the job search. We personally coach you on building and leveraging your network to find people and jobs to support your job search.

We provide you with tips and techniques for getting the most out of online professional networks (individuals, organizations, groups, etc.) for maximum benefit. 

What you get

  • One hour one-on-one live coaching to guide you through how to get setup with LinkedIn® and how to build a personal brand and engage your network to achieve short and long term goals.We’ll discuss your goals, what you are doing currently for networking and how and where to enhance “real-time” networking opportunities.
  • One hour one-on-one training on using LinkedIn and other popular job posting aggregator sites to find the right jobs.
  • Access to our meta-site of online advice resources for everything related to career and job searching strategy.
  • Success Discoveries goal setting document template to establish personal goals for networking and other key tasks that are part of a successful job search.
  • Assistance with how to effectively use the goal setting template to create success.
  • Help with identifying untapped “real-time” networking opportunities.
  • Coach you around how to network in “real-time”.
  • How to fully leverage your online social network.

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20 Ways twitter Helps Businesses Beat the Economic Downturn

by Andrew Ballenthin (

On Monday March 16 Andrew Ballenthin (Community Marketing) started a discussion with groups on LinkedIn, “Reasons why twitter might be right for your business” and after receiving over 120 comments back we’ve distilled the strongest themes into 20 simple points on how companies are gaining an advantage by using twitter. It is true some companies are still getting familiar with this new tool and see it as a time consuming and there can be an overload of non-valuable information but over 80% of comments we received indicated the pro’s far outweighing the con’s.

What we were delighted to see is that although twitter is strong in news and social interaction, it is playing a fundamental role in giving a number of companies a competitive edge during challenging economic times by:

  • creating access to new customers
  • receiving customer and public feedback that leads to more successful sales
  • opening networking opportunities with contacts companies wouldn’t have had access to.

20 of LinkedIn’s Strongest Group Discussion Themes from over 120 Comments
Following are the strongest themes many companies said they’re enjoying as they’ve learned how to grasp the culture, grow their followers, and when needed apply external technology tools that simplifies the vast amounts of information.

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What is LinkedIn?

Latest LinkedIn Facts

  • LinkedIn has over 35 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world.
  • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S. 
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.

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